Free up your schedule to focus on running your business.

Human Resources


Offload your payroll responsibilities, ensuring accurate and timely processing, while maintaining compliance with complex regulations. Authorized representatives from your business can remotely manage payroll and employee expenses, including taxes, company cards, and paycheck distribution.


Create a welcoming and integrated onboarding experience for new employees, supporting a smooth transition into their unique roles and responsibilities. This includes tasks like sending welcome emails, handling paperwork, conducting orientation, and providing new hire training.

Time & Attendance

Streamline your timekeeping and attendance with a trusted partner, automating employee time tracking from clock-in to paycheck and eliminating manual data entry and approval delays.


An automated recruiting platform connects every step of the hiring lifecycle, keeping data up-to-date and minimizing manual work. Equip every team in the hiring process with easy access to data and tools, enabling repeatable processes, customizable reporting, and synchronized communication.

Employee Performance

Online employee performance management software streamlines the performance review process, facilitating goal setting, effective feedback, and progress tracking. Utilize this network of employee data to discover performance trends to make informed decisions regarding promotions and raises.

Training & Compliance

Empower your workforce with automated training enrollment, mobile-friendly courses, and current industry compliance standard to foster thoroughly educated and engaged employees.


Device Interconnectivity

Optimize company device management with solutions that expedite processes and bolster security for your company's mobile devices and laptops. Employ remote device inventory management services, encompassing setup, deployment, enrollment, tracking, and security enforcement.

App Management

Enhance your company's operations and cybersecurity with app and identity management. Implement remote app access, password management, and secure multi-factor authentication to provide centralized control and automation.


Professional Employer Organization

By establishing a strategic partnership with a PEO, companies can offload all HR processes and responsibilities, enabling them to dedicate their full attention to core business operations.


SwitchUp Insurance LLC does not provide HR, Payroll, Technology, or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services in-house. These services are provided by our strategic partners, a network of carefully selected and independent business entities that specialize in their respective fields.

Through strategic partnerships, SwitchUp Insurance LLC expands its service offerings while maintaining a focus on its core competencies and in-house expertise. This approach allows us to provide our clients with access to a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that their needs are met with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

If you have any questions about HR, Payroll, Technology, or PEO services, please contact us. We will carefully evaluate your needs and connect you with a trusted and appropriate service provider from our network of strategic partners.